A PhD is the height of scholarship. And the Claremont Practical Theology PhD Program begins with current epistemological and methodological standards in the fields of education and formation, or spiritual care and counseling.

Then, it challenges you to go further – to the leading edge. Your focus and passion will push that boundary into new and original territory. Now, you are the leading edge.

With the guidance of a faculty advisor, and the collaboration of your academic community and cohorts, serious students make serious contributions in the disciplines of spiritual formation, religious and interreligious education, clinical spiritual care, or spiritually integrated psychotherapy.

This is a program that will propel you, personally and professionally, into an elevated stratum of research, teaching and religious or spiritual leadership. The PhD holds special prestige in society, because PhD students move society forward.

Quick look

PhD in Practical Theology
Program Length
Example Courses
48 credits
In-person intensives
Modern Research Languages
Education and Formation
Spiritual Care and Counseling
Program Length 48 credits
Modalities In-person intensives
Features Modern Research Languages
Example Courses Education and Formation
Program Length
Modalities Hybrid
Features Dissertation
Example Courses Spiritual Care and Counseling

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